Sri Reddy’s Strong Warning To Shakalaka Shankar

Sri Reddy, the controversial actress in the town is always first to react on something. After creating a huge drama over everything, she is now back with some strong comments on Shakalaka Shankar. Sri Reddy gave a serious warning to Shankar for taking her name during the promotions of his latest movie Shambo Shankara.

Sri Reddy and Shakalaka Shankar
Sri Reddy and Shakalaka Shankar

“I have come to this position on my own and I did not praise anyone for my growth. I have been witnessing the incidents recently that some actors are considering a star hero as their God and constantly praising him. It is okay to do that as you need to have openings for your movie and that hero’s fans will come to your rescue. But, I will not spare if you unnecessarily bring my name. You are a comedian who is making a debut as a solo hero. Do your work and do not involve me in your film promotions. I will go to any extent to reveal your true colours.” said Sri Reddy.

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