Sri Reddy Targets Pawan Kalyan Again

Controversial actress Sri Reddy is in the news as she recently accepted Raghava Lawrence’s challenge to prove herself as an actress. Recently Raghava Lawrence reacted to Sri Reddy’s allegations and Sri Reddy too came forward to prove herself.

Sri Reddy Targets Pawan Kalyan
Sri Reddy Targets Pawan Kalyan

Out of nowhere, she again started targeting power star Pawan Kalyan. She had shared a meme that trolled Pawan Kalyan and TDP leader Paritala Ravi on her social media profile. Soon after this, a lot of fans have threatened her and abused her.

Long ago there were rumors that Paritala Ravi reportedly tonsured Pawan Kalyan’s head during a settlement but many people close to Paritala Ravi have given a clarity that nothing as such has really happened.

Sri Reddy is again trying to grab some attention and started targeting the Telugu film personalities now.

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