Sri Reddy Strong warning to Hyper Aadi

Sensational actress Sri Reddy who created ripples national wide has come up with another controversy. Sri Reddy has given strong warnings to comedian Hyper Aadi. He got into fame with the comedy show Jabardasth and is famous for his adult jokes. Sri Reddy has reacted to Hyper Aadi’s jokes and comments.

Sri Reddy Warns Hyper Aadi
Sri Reddy Warns Hyper Aadi

Sri Reddy said that she had no personal grudge against Hyper Aadi and respects him for his writings but, if he continues to comments a few people, she wouldn’t resist hereafter. Sri Reddy says that Hyper Aadi and the team are cracking jokes on women, and degrading a few sections of the society and hence these warnings. She warns him not to do so or else will teach him a lesson. Sri Reddy said that the women have just started their progress and these kinds of derogatory comments will just not help them moving forward. Hyper Aadi seems to have made indirect comments related to Sri Reddy’s strip protest and that is why this response from her. Must wait and see how Hyper Aadi and team will respond.

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