Sri Reddy make derogatory comments against Pawan Kalyan

Sri Reddy has created uproar in Telugu film industry by protesting against issues bothering women in Tollywood. However, recently, Sri Reddy slammed Pawan Kalyan over his recent advice to her on handling the casting couch and sexual exploitation issue in Tollywood. Sri Reddy used derogatory language against the Power Star of Tollywood and has shown her middle finger to him in public.

Sri Reddy About Pawan Kalyan
Sri Reddy About Pawan Kalyan

Speaking to media, Sri Reddy demanded Pawan Kalyan to send a message to his fans not to troll her online. She dramatically beat herself for considering Pawan Kalyan like her brother.

“I am hitting myself with my slippers for calling him, my brother. No women should treat you like their brother,” Sri Reddy said and abused him with foul language. She showed her middle finger before storming out.

Sri Reddy’s movement gained momentum after 15 other junior artistes supported the cause and opened up on their stories on sexual harassment. 5

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