Sri Mahalakshmi

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Complete absence of comedy, songs and sentiments make the movie a tedious melodrama. But the film has a specialty. Srihari for the first time played the role of a lawyer. The movie will be liked by those who are bothered about the prevailing social injustices in society, but none else.




Sri Mahalakshmi (Shamna) joins an NRI Medical College on counseling and is brutally killed by their seniors – a nine member group of medicos from NRI families. The police FIR is so strong against them that their escape from the Law looks impossible. But, here comes Lakshmi Krishna Devaraya known as LK (Srihari). He can go to any extent for the sake of getting justice to his clients. He kills his own clients ruthlessly after winning their cases. Such a dreaded lawyer is he that he takes up Sri Mahalakshmi Murder case. How he solves the murder mystery? Who are the actual culprits? Answers are to be found only at the climax.




Hero Srihari looks at his best as a criminal lawyer. With this film, he had quenched his thirst with this characterization for the first time. As usual his stunts are action-packed. Not only stunts, but each and every moment of his on the screen. Each time he kills his client, he utters "Madhava… Mahadeva" much to the admiration of the audience.


The girl who played the title role "Sri Mahalakshmi" appears in a few scenes, but her name continues to rule the entire movie, thus justifying the title. Of course, there will also be criticism that it has not been an apt title.


The group of mirchi girls is played by some TV and junior artistes.


Sayaji Shinde enacted the role of public prosecutor who uses all his wits to outshine Srihari’s in the court. But, his villainous turn at the climax comes as a sudden development.


Suhasini appears in an energetic role, which has very little but spread out footage. She supports his brother Srihari in killing his clients.


Tannikella Bharani did the role of an upright circle inspector who charge-sheets the mirchi girls. Tilakan played the role of Sri Mahalakshmi’s father. He evokes pathos at the court scene when Srihari charges him as a lustful father.


Venu Madhav played the role of thief, who imposts as blind beggar. All other characters brought justice to their roles.


Technical Values


The movie is the remake of Malayalam blockbuster "Chintamani Kola Case". Though the Telugu version is said to have been modified in tune with the taste of the Telugu audiences, it is not so in reality. Prohibition of songs, comedy and sentiments has become big minuses to the movie.


Vijayan master who debuted with this movie as director has done it excellently, but in accordance with the script. He balanced the sequences with superb ease. Even without comedy, he makes it watchable to those who have feel for social good. Though certain scenes turn difficult to understand, the director succeeded in answering them even to a raw mind. No hiccups anywhere!


Mani Sharma’s background score has high voltage power in it. A long song on Mumaith Khan is sensuous but the audience forgets the mood expecting the next scene.


Cinematography is trendy on the lines of Ramgopal Varma’s films.


Despite Venu Madhav’s presence, there is no comedy (not even one percent) in the movie. This is the biggest drawback, say fatal minus, to the movie’s success.




Considering the absence of comedy and mass elements, the smooth run of this movie is highly doubtful.

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