Sri Devi’s daughter Jhanvi caught drunk in pub

Tollywood’s yesteryear beauty queen Sri Devi is set to launch her daughter Jhanvi into the industry. Looks like, this girl is damaging her own image with her acts in the recent times. Few days back, Sri Devi’s family photos came on to the social media sites. These photos have Sri Devi and her daughters in the most skimpy outfits.


Sri Devi gave explanation that these photos came on to the media without her notice. She further stated that Jhanvi uploaded them without her notice in the internet. Now again, Sri Devi’s image is at risk because of Jhanvi. Recently, this girl was spotted in drunken state in a pub.

Buzz raised in the media that Sri Devi introduced pub culture to Jhanvi and she got addicted to it. If this is the case, “Will film makers dare to take this heir in their films?” turned out to be the question. Few analysts are saying that, as Jhanvi kept her mom’s image at risk, it may become tough for film makers to take such a risk!

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