Spyder cinematographer sensational tweet on Mersal Controversy

The ‘Mersal’ controversy seems growing bigger day by day. Though the movie producer has agreed to delete the scenes which make a mockery of GST, the film celebrities are raising their voice for trying to curb the freedom of expression.

Santosh Sivan Mersal Tweet
Santosh Sivan Mersal Tweet

After Kamal Haasan, Rajinikanth, Vishal, and several others lent their support to the ‘Mersal’ team, the renowned cinematographer Santosh Sivan came up with a sensational Tweet – ‘Coming Soon. Films to display a new statutory warning. “No Governments were harmed during the making of this film’.

Even Arvind Swami came in support of ‘Mersal’. ‘By consolidating taxes, GST is making people aware of their contribution. Now, People will ask the govt for their due. What’s wrong? #Mersal,’ he questioned.

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