In spite of all odds, Aamir Khan achieved this record with PK!

Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan is considered to be a topper with respect to the aspect of creating records. He proved it right, this time with “PK”. This venture turned out to be the topper in collections in North America. Previously, “3 Idiots”, “Dhoom 3” and few other flicks of Amir Khan stood first in this region.

Now, “PK” crossed his own flicks to bag the top position in that region. It collected a total of almost $ 8.3 million in 12 days span. The count is expected to touch $10 million for New Year. In India, “PK” is encountering tough times.

Few Hinduism related communities started banging “PK” saying that this flick is showing Anti-Hinduism sequences. Few big shot Hinduism personalities too were supporting these organisations and the controversy is expected to turn big in Jan 2015.

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