Special Focus: War of the Musicians!

Music directors are increasing day-by-day. Film makers are looking for fresh music all the time and hence newcomers who are having good talent are being welcomed in the industry. After Koti, Ramana Gogula, Keeravani and few other last generation musicians, DSP, Thaman and Mickey J Meyer came on to the screens as present generation music directors.

Music Directors War

Adding to this set, Anup Rubens got his mark with melody and romantic songs. He is now defeating all the present generation music directors with his mesmerizing music. He is good at giving music to both mass and class entertainers. After listening to DSP and Thaman’s music in a row, film makers are now aspiring to show some change in their flicks.

They are now roping Anup Rubens into the attack putting DSP and Thaman aside. Initially, DSP overtook yesteryear music directors and later on Thaman crossed DSP with series of projects. Now, its Anup Rubens!

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