Special Focus: Rabir and Aamir in “PK” sequel!

Ranbir and Aamir Khan in PK Sequel

Aamir Khan and Rabir Kapoor are expected to be seen in the “PK” movie sequel. As per the talk, Aamir is stated to have commented that he will be seen along with Ranbir in the sequel. As per the media reports, Amir mentioned that the film maker of “PK” is planning a sequel.

It seems that the film maker is in the idea of taking two top characters in the flick. Along with Amir, Ranbhir too might be present in the sequel flick. Anushka Sharma’s role is not yet finalized and the presence of another beauty in the sequel flick too is not revealed.

“PK” turned out to be a blockbuster in Bollywood and the flick is heading towards 200 Crores mark. Reliance booked 2 Crores worth of tickets of “PK” for their employees. Stay tuned for more updates.

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