Special focus on Puri Jaganath’s land case!

Puri Jaganath, the director who is now on the headlines regarding a land case issue has revealed everything related to this to the media. He stated that he bought a land few years back and took 5 Crores loan from SBI bank in Masab Tank. Few years later, he sold that land to builder Ramaraju.


It seems that they made an agreement to transfer the loan to the name of Ramaraju during this transaction. It seems that Ramaraju didn’t pay back that loan amount to the bank. Instead, he sold that land to another person Subbaraju. This turned out to be the main controversy as Subbaraju is unaware of this loan issue.

As the loan taken is on the name of Puri Jaganath, SBI officials sent him the notices. As per the scenario, Ramaraju has to pay that amount and Subbaraju is now in trouble as his land is in legal issues. Puri Jaganath requested the Police department to take proper action on the builder and do justice to him and Subbaraju.

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