Special Focus: Nitin is in love with a girl!

Nitin Love

Hero Nitin is in love with a girl! Yes, he himself revealed that he tried to impress a girl to the maximum extent. Speaking on his crush, Nithin mentioned that he liked a girl so much and he even tried to impress her.

As of now, Nitin told that he used to have a crush on her and the second half of the story like whether she accepted him or not, is not yet revealed. This story is creating suspense among audience and people are now interested to know whether this girl is from film industry or from other profession.

On the other hand, Nitin stated that 4 girls liked him and they all tried to impress him. But, he said that he was impressed by another girl whom he tried to impress. Nagarjuna initiated this topic and made Nitin to reveal the secrets!

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