Special Focus: Item songs far better than full length roles!

Heroines Item Songs

Hot heroines of Tollywood are now saying this statement. As per their opinion, item songs are much better than full length roles. Even if item song fails, they won’t be much damage to their image. In fact, the flop talk of an item song will go to the director or to the music director.

As heroines will go for extreme glamour show in item song which is the best they can offer, people generally won’t blame them more for the flop talk. On the other hand, remuneration too is high. Literally, heroines are charging 75% of their full length film remuneration for an item song.

The shooting days too is too less. By the time they do a full length film, they can easily complete 5 – 10 item songs which is literally equal to 5 – 10 times their income. Hence, actresses are now preferring item songs more than full length roles.

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