Special Focus: Inspiring celebrities in Indian film industry

Bollywood, Tollywood and Kollywood holds the records of the top 3 film industries in India. There are several celebrities in these 3 industries and few of them are quite inspiring. If we consider Bollywood, Amithab Bachan and Sharukh Khan will come into the lead position in case of inspiring celebrities. If we consider their starting days in film industry, Amithab faced series of flops while Sharukh struggled for money to travel to film industry.

Inspiring celebrities

Amithab Bachan didn’t get this stardom free of cost. He faced huge flops in the starting days and one stage he is quite depressed about his career. After struggling with defeats, Amithab finally came into the picture with series of hits. Sharukh Khan started as supporting artist and later on as a villain. Then came the time for him to turn into a hero. From there, rest is all history in Bollywood!

In Tollywood, NTR and ANR are the inspiring personalities. NTR even inspired people by becoming Chief Minister of AP in 1980s. On the other hand, ANR came from a very poor family and served film industry till his last minute. Tollywood spectators has special bonding with ANR as he mesmerized them for around 6 decades.

In Kollywood, Superstar Rajinikanth is always there. This actor is the main inspiration for several budding actors in Tamil film industry. From the stage of a bus conductor, Rajini raised to the level of a top hero in Tamil. His stardom cannot be matched to anyone in India. He has fans all over the world and people in Japan likes him to the peak.

With this set of inspiring celebrities, Indian film industry is inspiring several youngsters in the nation to pursue their career in films. The flops and the tough times these actors encountered in the starting days works as case studies for the youngsters who are struggling with failures.

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