Special Focus: Hottest culture in film industry

Culture in Film Industry is changing day –by-day. Few years back, the hottest culture in Indian film industry used to be celebrity marriages. Popular actors in Bollywood and South Indian film industry got married to their respective heroines in real life. Later on, the heir culture in Bollywood turned into the hottest culture.


Actors and actresses launched their heirs into the industry in Bollywood. This is a highlight feature in the 1990s. In the 2010’s the hottest culture in film industry is the break-up culture. More than 50% of the celebrity marriages are ending up in break-ups. “Why did this culture turn into the hottest in Bollywood and South Indian film industry?” is the debate point.

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It is known that all the actors are quite ambitious about their film career. When these celebrities go for marriage, one has to sacrifice their film career. Celebrities, who are compromising on this aspect are living happily while the actors who are not able to compromise on this are going for breakups. In the recent times, several celebrity marriages went for break-up in North and South India.

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