Special Focus: Gopala Gopala is on safe side!

Gopala Gopala Movie

“Gopala Gopala”, which came on to the screens as Pongal special is now making distributors feel happy. As per their analysis, this venture is set to take them into the profits in another few days. Seeing the slope and the collection reports of this flick, few analysts stated that this venture may not go green as per the profits.

But few distributors analyzed the reports and the recent performance of the flick and mentioned that the venture will take them to profits in another 7 days. It seems that this flick will start minting profits for the distributors from next weekend.

Performance of “I” too was not up to the mark in Tollywood and this has helped “Gopala Gopala” to raise to a new level at the box office. For now, this flick can be stated as a safe venture.

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