Special Focus: Good news to Nitin fans

Nitin Fans

Nitin fans are now the most happiest ones in Tollywood. The reason for this is that the hero is giving constant hits at the box office and majority of his ventures are having good love stories. Youngsters are getting attracted to the flicks of Nitin and this star too is not disappointing them.

Good news is that the actor is set to work on more love stories in near future. It seems that Nitin has decided to go for high budgeted love stories. Getting ‘Lover Boy’ tag in Tollywood is not that easy and as a hero having such a tag, Nitin is aiming to come up with more flicks and few high budgeted ones.

It is a fact that female fans are going crazy after Nitin and recently an incident near his home shocked one and all. This in fact showed the popularity Nitin has in young girls. This good news might be a happy aspect for these female fans!

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