Special Focus: Most dangerous industries in India

There are several industries in India which are hard to sustain. Several industries which are related to more like physical activity are considered to be dangerous. There is certain probability of getting into danger in these industries. But, there are few industries which are considered more dangerous as they put pressure on brain.


One such industry is film industry. For the people looking from outside, film industry looks like a beautiful piece of art. But, for the people who are carving the art, it may or may not be the same. In the recent times, suicide cases increased to top level in film industry. Tollywood hero Uday Kiran, Bollywood heroine Jiah Khan, Mollywood producer Santhosh Kumar’s stories are the best examples.

The second industry which is in race with film industry in this aspect is software industry. This IT field is putting pressure on the brains and is triggering people to commit suicide. These 2 are considered to be the most dangerous industries in India.

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