Special Focus: Anjali Nude Pics on Twitter!


Heroines are known to be the commercial aspects in present generation films. Majority of the heroines try to brand their name as commercial actress in the industry. This aspect is not only affecting their film career but also their personal lives. Few heroines are facing tough times from few people in the society.

With the advent of social media, this trouble literally got doubled. Recently, Anjali Dwivedi encountered trouble in social media. A fake profile was created in twitter on her name and this account started posting fake and nude pics of the actress. It will be an embracing situation when a friend or a fan or a family member of that actress sees the pics.

This is not just the case with Anjali. Few more actresses pics were morphed and are uploaded into several sites in the internet. Social networking sites are taking this aspect beyond boundaries. New troubles are increasing day by day to present generation heroines.

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