Special Focus: 49 lakhs for one kiss!!

Kiss is stated to be a way of expressing love. Lip locks have good demand all over the world and if it comes from a top level celebrity, the cost will be too higher. Generally, heroines will demand extra money for lip lock scenes in the films. Interestingly, one person paid 49 lakhs for a single lip lock episode!


This incident took place in USA. Top Hollywood actress Elizabeth Harley declared that she would kiss a person who can pay Rs.49 lakhs. She gave the money as charity to Eltan John AIDS Foundation. Juliun Bharathi came forward to buy that costly kiss from this Hollywood beauty.

Several top celebrities quoted their prices in this event and it is Mr. Bharathi who won the chance to get the costly kiss. Both the Hollywood actress as well as the kisser were happy with the event. This kiss turned out to be one of the most costly kisses in the world.

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