Special Feature: Tollywood actors who played Lord Shiva role

Actors and actresses playing the lead roles in the Shiva trilogy should be less known so that we can see them as the characters instead of as themselves. Going by that logic, here is the list of the actors, who were seen in the role of Lord Siva.

Tollywood Actors in Lord Shiva Getup
Tollywood Actors in Lord Shiva Getup

Shiva is considered muscular and good looking. He looks like a trained warrior (which he is). There isn’t too much of description apart from this on Shiva’s physical appearance. Hence, based on this little bit of information we have, many actors would suit this role.

Also, to play Shiva, one needs to have a well-toned body. If not six-pack abs, at least some dole-sholes are a must! There many movies on the basis of Lord Siva. In 1960’s and 70’s , Sr NTR and Krishnam Raju were perfectly looks like Lord Shiva and when it come to the new generation Megastar Chiranjeevi was the blueprint of Lord Shiva, when he don a divine role.


Sr NTR in Lord Shiva Getup
Sr NTR in Lord Shiva Getup

Dakshayagnam is the only film which which saw NTR’s portrayal of Lord shiva and S.V.Ranga Rao as Daksha. This was one of the most critically acclaimed and commercially successful movies of that year and is remembered for the brilliant performances of the two legends. Despite the success, N.T.R vowed to never play the character again due to sentimental reasons.

Krishnam Raju:

Krishnam Raju  in Lord Shiva Getup
Krishnam Raju in Lord Shiva Getup

Almost every one of you grow up in life with a certain share of sentiments and usually it has to do with some connection with your favorite God. This kind of divine attachment is more among the film stars and even the biggest superstars are no exemption. The best example for that is Rebel Star Krishnam Raju. He acted in Rangoon Rowdy, Shri Vinayaka Vijayamu portraying the role of Lord Shiva. He looks elegant and has excelled in the role of Lord Siva as Siva devotee in Bhakta Kannappa Directed by Bapu.


Chiranjeevi  in Lord Shiva Getup
Chiranjeevi in Lord Shiva Getup

We all know that Megastar Chiranjeevi has always experimented with his roles and films. From playing mass role to Lord Siva, Chiru has done it all and effortlessly. He has proved his mettle time and again. Chiranjeevi perhaps for the first time played in a full-fledged devotional movie as Lord Shiva in Manju Nadha. He looks elegant and has excelled in the role of Lord Siva. In Manju Nadha, Chiru in Lord Shiva’s role created a magic on screen with his immense talent and body language. Chiru’s persona is more on the charming side.

There are many songs on the name of Lord Shiva in the new films starring Mahesh Babu, Nagrajuna, Prabhas. The most popular songs describing the powers and ancient stories of lord Shiva are: Sivuni Aana from Prabhas’ Baahubali, Sada Siva Sanyasi from Mahesh Babu’s Khaleja, Bharatha Vedamuga from Prabhas’ Powrnami and Siva Siva Shankara Hara Hari Shankara song from Nagarjuna’s Dhamarukam.

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