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Pa’One of a kind – Power Star and his unique roles

When did you last see a Telugu hero choosing to act in a role that needs reform? Was it when Mohan Babu acted in "Swargam-narakam" or "Gruhapravesam"?! That’s probably when it was, a good 20 years before this film came by.  Pawan did that in ‘Gokulam lo Seetha’ as ‘PK’

When was the last time you saw a big star in a commercial film, becoming a naxalite to try show their pain? You do not find that in any commercial movie. Pawan made that possible in ‘Jalsa’, as ‘Sanjay Sahu’, as an attempt to let the world know, the oppressed conditions in which they live in, which turn them to rebels.

There was an era when the special songs were penned for the heroines singing in awe of the hero’s charming looks and ‘manliness’ (irrespective of whether the hero passes the minimum criteria to seem so).  At that time, would you expect a protagonist to be play a common college-going student, who loves the heroine for 4 years and afraid to express it? And at the end, finally when the lady reciprocates it, he declines, conveying a strong message to youth to realize the priceless things the youth can lose in the process. Pawan did that as ‘Ganesh’ in ‘Suwagatham’. 

When was the last time, you saw a big star after achieving an year-long running blockbuster , play a role who gets beaten up to death(almost),  to treat his wife’s cancer?  This was Pawan Kalyan’s directorial debut ‘Johnny’. (Though the film got washed out, it’s screenplay of this movie is considered way ahead of its time.)

A protagonist runs a whole scene (phone conversation) nearly like a mono-action. Again,when was the last time you saw a "hero" doing that without bragging? Probably ages ago,in "Gunasundari katha" and "MahaakaviKkaalidaasu" where the protagonist takes up multiple roles in song sequences. Pawan Kalyan as ‘Subbu’ heavily entertained us in ‘Tammudu’

Did you ever imagine a love-story becoming a blockbuster where the ‘hero’ has no duet with the ‘heroine’, and never touches her all through the film except in the climax? Pawan Kalyan as ‘Balu’ in ‘Tholiprema’ is the unique illustration of this.

Apart from these, Pawan also played other interesting roles such as Ghani (Balu) and Jai(Panja) which are very powerful characters who spoke a lot through the silence and the eyes. Gabbar Singh(Gabbar Singh) and Siddhu(Kushi) are perhaps one of the most entertaining protagonists in Telugu cinema.

With ‘Attharintiki Daaredi’ soon hitting the theatres, expect an exceptionally interesting, unique and one of a kind role again

‘Goutham Nanda’ is coming!

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