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In the current Telugu industry, where rap and mass songs are the order of the day, here is one man who walks into the music studio with a light-grey beard, puts on the head-phones, finishes singing a centuries-old unfamiliar folk song in 30 minutes with an ease of a veteran singer, takes off the headphones, and it becomes a humongous sensation. This is possible only for ‘Power Star’ Pawan Kalyan. The song “Kaatam Raayuda” has been the talk of the town from the day it got released in the internet. The video is making waves and driving the youth crazy with Pawan Kalyan’s kinetic and charismatic rendering of the song. Pawan Kalyan’s version has touched the heart of the legendary musician and singer Shri.PadmaShri Shoba Raju too. This is what she said on a social network:

“:) I sang "Phaalanetraanala….."… My brother, Balakrishna Prasad sang "Kadiri Nrusimhudu…" ……here comes "Kaatama Raayuda, Kadiri Narsimhudaa…." POWERful singing! Your song is the best! Because its a folk lore! & u render it with so much of energy! May He continue to inspire you Pawan Kalyan Garu! Pawan Kalyan”

Pawan’s love for folk songs can be seen in some of his other movies too. Here are two of the most popular folk songs rendered by him, performed passionately with joy and fondness.

In a scene in Thammudu with Late. Mallikarjun Rao:

“Thadi settu ekkalevu thadi Kallu thempalevu
Eethasettu ekalevu eethakalu thempalevu
Malli neekenduku ra pelli ..Malli neekenduku ra pelli
Labo Labo rubberu gajilu ethugolusulu mukupudakalu nadumusannani nagaraalu
evarerugani bagotham abbo abbo abbo”

With Ali, he sings this Srikakulam folk song which is preceded by an Oriya folk song too.

“Baybayyee bangaru ravanamma bavi cheruvu kada boringu ravannama eyyy…
Baybayyyee bangaru ravanamma bavi cheruvu kada boringu ravannama…
Nuvvoche varam padirojulaki niluvati addalameda ravanamma….
Atu bussu idu bus uu…madyalo bus lona manam veldame ravanamma…
Atu railu itu railu madhalo railona manam podhame ravanamma…..”

He has also sung many such bits in his other movies, and his sincere gestures to appreciate the folk culture deserve a salute. All these acts are fancily named as ‘trend-setting’ by the world, but for this simple man, this is just appreciating, respecting and reminiscing our golden ancient culture. Apart from this, he also respects all the cultures throughout the country and he hates cultural intolerance. Staying grounded with such honest perspectives is what makes him “Power Star”, who is worshipped by millions.

And yes, when he sings, the youngistan swings!

Rag Mayur – Pakka PSPK Fan!

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