SPB fires on Tollywood and Heroes

Legendary Singer SP Balasubramanyam has been felicitated with Lifetime Achievement Award by Rotary Club in Vijayawada. In that occasion, Balu has fired on every aspect in the Telugu Film Industry.

SPB Fires on Tollywood and Heroes
SPB Fires on Tollywood and Heroes

On answering some questions from the attended gallery, SPB has answered with some agony and with some concern over the Telugu Film Industry. He asked audiences to change their perspective of Cinema. He opined that some audiences are keeping mum to question faults in movies as their hero’s fans will attack them. He asked audiences to protest if they hate some idiotic scenes in movies. He fired at Telugu makers and heroes to dare to make movies like ‘Dangal’, ‘Sultan’ other than mass potboilers with vulgar content. He raised the topic of bias over small movies.

He urged the Censor Board to work strictly without bias to avoid unnecessary content. Finally, he requested all the directors and Heroes to make movies which make the Telugu people proud with quality. We have to see the pain of SPB rather than finding fault.

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