Rating: 2.75/5

Critic Rating: (2.75/5)



A commercial potboiler, the story begins with a major action sequence in Orissa where a bunch of bad guys are pummeled to pulp by a single man. He is none other than Vijay (Gopi) who is on his way to Kolkata and there is a group of bad guys who is desperately following his trail. Meanwhile, Vijay goes and joins in the college and his mission is to get close to Divya (Poonam) who is also a student there. He is on the lookout for accommodation and in this process he comes across Divya’s friend Shweta (Anushka). She tries to rag him but ends up getting ragged and from then on she wants to give him a stick but the reverse happens. Soon, she realizes that she is in love with Vijay but then he is not too responsive to her feelings. Far away in Hyderabad, there is the cruel don Sivaram Goud (Manoj K Jayan) who along with his son (Ajay) is keen on seeing the end of both Divya and Vijay. So what exactly is the reason for his vengeance? Why does Vijay take special interest in Divya? Does he reciprocate the feelings of Shweta or not? All this forms the rest of the story.




The director has come out with a typical sentiment and action plot and though the narration was neat, the presentation lacked the maturity. The script was alright but then the screenplay was shoddily executed. Also, the editing was poor at some points, on the brighter side, the dialogues were good, pace was maintained almost throughout. Music was not upto the mark but the background score was alright, camera is good in many angles and captured the moments correctly. The other departments were alright in their contribution. Gopichand has surely improved as an actor and his dialogue delivery during certain intense scenes and his expressions really heat up the atmosphere. On the other hand, the screen is set on fire with the oomph of Anushka and her cute looks. She has gone down a lot but still her facial glow exists. Poonam Kaur looked okay and not that attractive. Manoj K Jayan was good with his role while Ajay did not have anything significant. Ali was a major attraction with his share of comedy and then there was Krishna Bhagawan and Raghu Babu who really brought out the best in laughter. The others did their bit with equal value and contributed to the movie.




The plot has been mixed with loads of violence, shades of romance and good sentiment angle. However, while the first half was more on the lighter side with ample comedy, romance tracks and fight sequences it is the second half that takes a serious turn and is filled with sentiment, melodrama. There were few unwanted songs too which created a break in the rhythm of the movie. Commercially, it is upto the brim and has all the elements but the arrangement of the sequences was slight haphazard. But it will make its money without an issue since the mass appeal is high. – (Bharatstudent)

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