South actresses who are in search of grooms!

Heroes and heroines have separate career spans in film industry. In Indian film industry, heroes will typically have 2 – 3 decades of career span while heroines have utmost 1 decade. This is the reason, heroes generally romance 3 generations of heroines in their career span. As the career life span is too short for heroines, their marriages are always hot topics in the industry.


At present 3 heroines are in search of grooms in the industry. One of them is, smiling sensation Trisha Krishnan. Female centric heroine Anushka Shetty and chubby actress Charmi are the other two in the list. In case of Trisha, their parents were in search for a groom from the past 3 years. This lady has a career span of almost 13 years and she enjoyed ace position for a while in the industry. Even though, few rumors came on Trisha, she finally proved to the media that she doesn’t have anyone in mind. Any perfect guy can try for the hand of this lady.

Charmi’s parents recently joined the list of groom searchers. Charmi got full fame in Tollywood few years back. Just like the real estate boom, Charmi’s career too went to peak level and later fell down drastically. As Charmi is not having much offers in the film industry, her parents decided to search for a good groom. Charmi’s weight reduction too didn’t help her in getting lucrative offers. Hence, Charmi might have decided to go for marriage.

Anushka Shetty is in this zone from the past 2 years. The time she turned 30, rumors raised in the media that she is in search of a good groom. Of course, 30 is considered to be the maximum limit for heroines. Interestingly, this beauty got high profile offers after crossing that mark. This made her postpone her marriage. In fact ,this aspect gave her parents sufficient time to search for a good groom. Even though, buzz raised in the media that this lady is going to be the daughter-in-law of Nagarjuna, they crossed that news saying it as rumor.

Presently, these 3 ladies are in the list to get married and their parents were busy searching for good grooms. So folks, if you have any good person in mind, do help their parents with that information.

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