Soumya shocked with false news!

Actress Soumya Bollapragada, who acted in a recently released Telugu film Mugguru, has become an unsuspecting victim of mistaken identity. She was shocked with the news reports that she had been stabbed earlier on Wednesday.

Actually the news was about a Kannada actress who goes with the same name, but the news papers ended up using Soumya Bollapragada’s pictures. So Soumya has been flooded with calls from her friends and concerned well wishers enquiring about the incident and she had to explain to almost everyone that I am doing fine. The whole episode seems to have left the actress a little annoyed. Later she tweeted about the incident and said, “Tweeple,iam totally safe n sound in my home in vizag.tat news in todays dc n andhrajyothi bout me gtng stabbed is FALSE!m takin action”

Finally she called up everyone and clarified that she was safe and that news was not about me it was about the Kannada actress Soumya. She also said that “I am going to take the legal action on those news papers”.

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