Sorry to Pawan Kalyan fans – Dil Raju!

Pawan Kalyan Fans Dil Raju

Dil Raju faced huge problem in the current scenario due to an issue with Power Star fans. It is a fact that Dil Raju gave a number saying that it is Pawan Kalyan’s number, in a recent function. Pawan Kalyan fans, who tried repeatedly to this number got a different person and not the Power Star.

Speaking on this, Dil Raju mentioned that he thought the number he gave is Pawan Kalyan past phone number. But, due to confusion, a digit in that number series got changed and it went to a completely different person.

As Pawan Kalyan’s fans are in large number, the person who is having that phone number got repeated calls and it turned out to be a sensation. People started firing on Dil Raju in social media and he finally said sorry to the fans of Pawan Kalyan.

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