Sonu Sood injured while on shoot

Sonu Sood’s pride — his long Punjabi naak — stands fractured today not in one, but two places! The actor was shooting the climax fight scene with Salman Khan in Wai for his film Dabbang. But a kick on his nose left Sonu bleeding. “A fight master, while showing Salman how to beat me up, jumped from a height and hit me on the nose leaving me bleeding. I was rushed to a hospital with two fractures,” said Sonu.

He was told to return to Mumbai. But the actor decided not to and within 48 hours was back shooting, because if he had left, around 500 artists including Salman would be stuck doing nothing on the set. Sonu meanwhile is surviving on painkillers and with padding inside his nose. The pain he can cope with, what is worrying him more is whether the swelling will show on screen. Actually he need not worry… the computer today is like part of the cast and crew and can perform just as well!

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