Sonu Nigam kissed

She came, she kissed and her nails left their mark on his chest.. That’s the story of Sonu Nigam, when he was performing at Mumbai, on the evening of 20th April.
Sonu Nigam is currently on a whirlwind tour of India. Known for his romantic songs, the singer was completely immersed in his music, when suddenly a young girl, jumped on to the stage and started throwing herself into Sonu’s arms. She then proceeded to kiss him. Even as security guard came to the rescue of the singer and tried to pull her away from Sonu, the fan clung on.. As she was being dragged away, the girl scratched Sonu on his chest.
And if you were wondering what was Sonu doing while he was being accosted on stage. Would you believe, singing.. Yes the singer never lost his rhythm right through the song. Must hand it to Sinu Nigam.. and what happened to the girl? well before they could catch her, she escaped from the security guards reports Indiatimes Movies.
The price of being a star!!!

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