Sonu Nigam to close his Twitter account

The famous Singer of India Sonu Nigam has created sensation today with a series of Tweets on various issues including the suspension Singer Abhijeet Singh Bhattacharya’s twitter handle.

Sonu Nigam
Sonu Nigam

Responding harshly on the sensitive issue of the ongoing Twitter war between Paresh Rawal and Abhijeet Singh, Sonu has lost his cool. When the account of Abhijeet was suspended by the Twitter site, Sonu took his Twitter to share his wrath regarding this issue. Sonu stated that the government and Twitter are halting the right to freedom of expression as it is blocking the accounts of users who are against them. Not one but with 24 tweets, Sonu slammed all including the news channels, media alleging them that they are working with biased minds. Comparing the Twitter to many memes, Sonu declared that Twitter is a powerful medium and a game changer, but for him, it is useless.

He advised all the media houses to take screenshots of his tweets as he is going to deactivate his account soon. He finally did deactivate his official Twitter account which has more than 7 million followers.

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