Sonam Kapoor to star in Bollywood Remake of “The Princess Diaries”

Seems like Sonam Kapoor has managed to impress Disney people way too much! After playing the clumsy and quirky girl in Disney’s Khoobsurat, Sonam might be seen reprising the role of Princess Amelia in the desi remake of Disney’s Princess Diaries Series.

Sonam Kapoor in The Princess Diaries

Yes! Atleast that is what we have heard. Sonam has likely been approached by Team Disney to play the lead in the famous series. It is also heard that Disney Team at Los Angeles, were awed by her screen presence and acting, and have hence thought of her to be the Disney Princess. Disney’s first film in India was Khoobsurat and they are thinking of having remake of their classic movies in Bollywood.

Sonam has always been Papa Ki Princess and Fashion Princess too. Now if things go according to the reports, then soon we will witness Sonam stepping into Anne Hathaway’s shoes, who starred in the orginal Hollywood film series The Princess Diaries! Aww!

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