Sonakshi trolled once again

Twitter has always been the platform for expressing views, sharing and commenting on likes and dislikes. Bollywood celebrities too are on Twitter to communicate with their fans on several aspects. Few tweets were agreed and respected, but some trolled!

Recently, Sonakshi Sinha got trolled on Twitter. Sonakshi has represented her views over meat ban in Mumbai stating that “this is a free country! Welcome to Ban-istan” and “Why no ban on ignorance/negligence?” to which she faced the heat from Twitter users.

Sonakshi Tweet
Sonakshi Tweets about Meat ban

The angry users reminded Sonakshi Sinha that, in 2014, she had urged for the protection of animals.

Jadeja replies to Sonakshi Sinha
Jadeja replies to Sonakshi Sinha
Activist replies to sonakshi
Twitter Activist replies to Sonakshi

In the following series of celebrities getting trolled, Sonam Kapoor also joined the league. She had pointed her views over meat ban and called it ‘Intolerant misogynistic close minded’ to which Twitter replied in rudeness for which Sonam had no answers.

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