Sonakshi Sinha wants a corrupt free India

Actress Sonakshi Sinha, who is anxious about the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections, spoke to the press about her views on the elections and her father’s ideology into Politics.


Sonakshi’s father Shatrughan Sinha is contesting from Bihar Patna Sahib for the Lok Sabha Elections. When asked about her hope for dream India, she said “To stay corruption free…Everyone is fed up of that main root problem and the petrol prices (ever rising)”

The actress denied her plans to enter into politics. She is heavily fond of her dad’s ideologies for the shining India.

“My father has always taught us that irrespective of the party, whoever is doing good or delivering good work, one must vote for that party. He has followed this always and his heart is in the right place. Such people who delivers should step into politics” she expressed.

Sonakshi also shared her views on the possibility of Narendra Modi becoming the Prime Minster – “I hope so.. We as Nation are looking for change and are serious about it. I believe it is time for change and that change will come”

“There are actually no political aspirations. I think you need to have the right attitude and aptitude for it. I don’t think I have the right aptitude for it. I think it is unfair to push somebody in that direction, just because my father happens to be a politician. My work, my job is here in films, I am very happy and content here” she stated.

Sonakshi also made it clear that she will not be campaigning for her dad – “I think people are expecting more from me than my father. My father doesn’t need me to come there. I am not a political personality, my job is not to go there, my job is to be here and do my work. As a daughter

I support him and wish, hope and pray that he does well. He doesn’t want me to come there” she signed off.

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