Sonakshi Sinha and Imran Khan launch Rio 2 Hindi trailer

Happening actress Sonakshi Sinha and the chocolate boy sensation, Imran Khan, had some chilidish fun as they launched the Hindi version trailer of Rio 2.
Rio, which is a favourite Hollywood animation film among children, got a lot of attention when released in India. The makers of the film have dubbed the movie into a Hindi version so that kids of all sections can watch and enjoy the movie.

Rio2 1

Sonakshi and Imran looked every bit like kids themselves as they had some innocent fun at the trailer launch. The actors have also contributed for the dubbed version – both Sonakshi and Imran have lent their voices in Hindi for the celebrated characters, Macaws Jewel and Blu, adding more value to the audience.


The film will be released in 3 D version so that the young audience can have some real life experience with the movie. Both Sonakshi and Imran have tried on their 3 D glasses at the event, sending in some splits from the on lookers.
Both the actors have sung few melodious lines in the film that will be a highlight factor.


Sonakshi, who is chock a block busy with as many as three films in her kitty, is soon racing for the numerouno spot this year. All the films being commercial flicks and essentially with big stars, the minimum guarantee heroine is now the toast of Bollywood.
Imran Khan, on the other hand, has been taking it easy with films off late. The actor is still listening to viable scripts for him to portray him in meaningful roles and not rushing with the madness of the current flicks.

Rio 2 will release in its Hindi version on April 11th in India.

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