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With Attarintiki Daaredi receiving limitless love from the Telugu audience, Trivikram has come up with another story that is woven around a relationship. This time it’s a dad-son relationship with the values given by Dad as the backbone of the story.

Well, Trivikram is known for his wittiest lines and some out-of-the box comedy. For than a decade he has set a different benchmark for comedy and some punch lines with great timing. His screenplays are easily one of the best.

Sadly, all of his areas of strength looked so dried up in this Allu Arjun starrer.

Son of Satyamurthy Telugu Movie Review

Like many Trivikram films, even Son Of Satyamurthy starts off with a voice-over followed by rewinding to what actually happened. Viraj Anand(alias Nandu) is a happy go lucky loving son of Satyamurthy (Prakash Raj). Nandu leads an opulent life and is recently engaged. Satyamurthy is a wealthy business man who lives life with great values. He meets with an accident leaving the rest of family in a crisis. Their business hits an all time low and falls like a pack of cards. Nandu sticks to his father’s imbibed values and gives away his assets to ensure no loss to the moneylenders of the business. This leads to annul his engagement and the family becoming almost penniless. On top of it, Nandu faces a situation where Satyamurthy is accused of a fraud. The rest of the movie is the turbulences tackled by Nandu to prove that his father was unblemished.

The movie begins promisingly with a great pace and interesting events in the first half an hour. Especially Chal Chalo song is well-produced underlining the drastic changes in Nandu’s life and a mountain of challenge ahead. After that, the movie crawls at the pace of a snail having no significant progress in the story. However, the interval point promises some interesting second half to low forward to. Sadly, the second half also fails to raise any interest. While the first half had the pace issue, the second half doesn’t. Though there is progress in the movements, the last is lackluster too. Pulling in a personality like Upendra, didn’t add any value to the movie. His character was poorly written with hardly any substantial things to do as the antagonist. Other important artistes like Kota, Brahmanandam, M.S. Narayana and Nitya Menon were wasted too.

A person who stands out and makes this movie watchable is Rajendra Prasad who portrayed a practical and money-minded character immaculately. He has a fantastic screen presence uttering the lines penned by Trivikram. Allu Arjun gave an adequate performance with a style of his own and he gets full marks too. Some dialogues were greatly written by Trivikram which proves that he is just unbeatable when it comes to writing some extra-ordinary lines creating great impact.

Cinematography is good with great production values. Soundtrack is pretty mediocre when compared to the rest of Trivkram’s films (apart from Khaleja). Editor could have also used the scissors better to chop off some really unwanted scenes that added no value to the story (Ali’s backstories)

In short, this is the weakest film of Trivikram. Weak Script! Weak comedy! Weak Pace!

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