Something Something Review

Rating: 3.00/5

Critic Rating: (3.00/5)

It kind of works, dubbed into Telugu or even when shot simultaneously the Telugu versions always seemed inferior, especially with the promos. It starts with the unattractive titling,posters where you can spot reflectors and the lyrics often manage sounding ridiculous. All this helps in keeping the expectations low,you are not really thinking about, not really looking forward to it.And out of nowhere these films surprise you. The promos put me off so much that I didn’t bother to look up who made this one. Like I said though, it helped. It’s been a while since a Sundar.C film crossed the border and what I remember of him is what I got, a well-paced comedy with a liberal dose of masala.


Kumar (Siddarth) never had much luck with the ladies and through his school and college life he was often duped and insulted for no fault of his. So, he decides he’s better off staying away from them even with his family, boss and friends constantly pushing him to find a girl. Without wasting too much time, the film got over The Girl (Sanjana played by Hansika) walking into Kumar’s life as a new employee in the IT company he works for.

Forget impressing her, with his fear of women he can hardly make a conversation with her. Upon the advise of his in-law he visits Premji (Brahmanandam), a love guru who charges extravagant fees. And after training with Premji for a while, Kumar starts executing the ideas of Premji within in the office. The ideas do yield results for Kumar, but when the pasts of the characters kicks in, the motives change.

Gopi Amarnath and Brahmanandam

The cinematography worked for me, be it the indoor or the guerilla parts. It had that minimalistic approach and was complimenting the substance of the scenes rightly.And Brahmanandam being put to some good use in a long time is what keeps you invested till the end. Working with the Tamil crew, his comedy benefitted with an extra edge that was missing of late.


Films based on the lives of IT and other corporate workforce is fast becoming a sub-genre of the masala comedies. As long as they can keep it this tight, this funny and this polished (technically), I wouldn’t mind more.

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