Solar Swapnam Gets ‘Adults Only’ Certificate

The political thunderstorm created by the recent ‘solar scandal’ has been made in to a movie titled ‘Solar Swapnam’, directed by Joy Anthony.

Solar Swapnam

However, the movie seems to have questionable content because it has been given an ‘A’ certificate by the board, mostly due to intimate and vulgar scenes. The movie has real life people of interest in the case Saritha S. Nair and Biju Radhakrishnan as characters though their names have been changed to Haritha Nair and Ajay Nair. They are being played by Pooja and Bhuvan, respectively.

Since the movie is based on sensitive issues very much in discussion in the current socio political spheres, the director made every effort to get this released before the elections. However, the Election Commission seems to not agree as they have stopped this which means even though the movie is certified, its release has not been approved.

It also being said that Biju Radhakrishnan tried to have the movie banned or stopped from being made in the first place since the character in question is based on him.

Whatever, the bru ha ha surrounding the movie, it sounds more and more like a project deficient in quality and low on ethics being made and released to profit off of a bad situation.

The audience will have to make that judgement call in time..

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