Solar Scandal’s Saritha Nair to be movie heroine?

Well, a strange world we live in indeed… From suspect in a scam that rocked the state to public figure to now actress? Saritha Nair is truly making every second of her time in the spotlight count though she got there for all the wrong reasons.


Apparently, a movie producer has decided to make a film starring Saritha as the heroine and the always enterprising Saritha has given her consent to this project. Who is the producer?

We don’t know, because – get this – he would like to remain anonymous right now for reasons unknown. Now what does that tell us about the movie that’s about to be made? It could definitely go either way…

According to reports, the flick will star other major stars too and is set to start filming on the first day of the Malayalam month Chingam. Like the other details about this motion picture, the names of the cast and crew also remain unknown at this point.

Now, we’ll have to wait and see if the reports are true and if the tabloid favorite Saritha is really going to appear on the big screens. One does at this point question what the intent of the project will be – to solely cash in on the controversy surrounding Saritha and make a few quick bucks or will there be a reasonable attempt to entertain the fans.

Well, when you cast a ‘celebrity’ with no real experience as the lead in a movie, you do tend to raise such questions. Also dubious is the fact that, according to the reports, the plan is to complete the filming in 20 days flat.

And so folks, it looks like the off screen theatrics in Mollywood continues…

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