Social media campaign against Koothara?

Social media campaign against Koothara?
Now this is disconcerting to say the least – but director Srinath Rajendran claims there is a campaign going on in the social media against his movie Koothara, which came out a few days ago and is famous for the unique extended cameo of Mohanlal it features.


Srinath said this in an interview to an online portal, and he is definitely very upset over this. He calls the ‘attack’ against the movie going on in the social media quite organized and feels that there is underhanded politics behind it.

“It was only after Koothara came out that I realized the extent of the politics behind all of this, ” says the young film maker. The pretty famous criticism of the movie – which (let’s face it) was kind of an inevitable one if the movie did turn out badly – is that the movie lived up to its title. This deeply hurt Srinath, as the ambitious movie was a result of over a year and half of hard work.

But this is not just a film maker defending his movie blindly, no. That’s the interesting part of it – apparently, Srinath went to the theatre and saw the audience reactions for himself to get a more objective picture of the situation. He says most of the people liked the film and gave him positive comments and feedback.

So, if that’s true, it does seem a bit suspect that just the social media seems to be a platform for the haters of the flick, yeah? Wonder why that is..

The tragic thing of course is that, organized or not, the social media campaign against the movie has negatively affected the publicity of the movie and has put the producer, Shahul Hameed Marikkar, in quite a tough spot with the prospects of the movie diminishing.

Srinath Rajendran also quoted examples in the interview, in which he pointed the heavy criticism the Aashiq Abu Mammootty starrer Gangster received online whereas he himself felt the movie wasn’t “that bad”. The social media attacks on actors and their character, especially those on superstar Prithviraj a few years back also shows the darker and ‘manipulated’ side of the social media, according to Srinath.

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