Snigdha Talks About Her Tom Boy Nature

Actress Snigdha is a popular face on Telugu screens. She was seen in the films like Guntur Talkies and Ala Modalaindhi. Later, she was also seen in several other films. Most of the roles she played are tomboyish roles. She wanted to become a singer, but finally, she settled down to become an actress. It was Nandini Reddy who offered a role with which her acting career began.

Singer Snigdha
Singer Snigdha

“I am always a Tom Boy from the childhood. I adopted this lifestyle then itself. I have many friends in the opposite gender. I roam around and hang out with them. Friendship with girls won’t work for me. I hate putting on makeup and shopping. I am a big devotee of Lord Shiva.” revealed the actress recently.

She also added that a guy from the music industry proposed her, but she smoothly rejected it.

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