‘Snehituda’ remains Orphan!

Rating: 2.75/5

Critic Rating: (2.75/5)

Young actor Nani who is riding high on twin hits Ashta Chemma and Ride, returns with an insipid film which could dent his new-found success.

Film: Snehituda
Cast: Nani, Madhavi Latha, Nasser, Brahmanandam, Kinnnera and M S Narayana
Director: B Satyam
Critic’s Rating: Snehituda
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Unfortunately, even Madhavi Lata has chosen an erroneous script to pierce her big dreams. Briefly, it’s a tale of an orphan who establishes a relationship with a stranger (Madhavi Lata) and tries all tricks in the book to re-unite her with her big family. Both the native actors try hard to salvage the poorly-etched roles but their efforts could go in vain.


Despite picking a hackneyed plot, writer-director Satyam B fails to pen a gripping narration and mars the show. If he believes that a couple of comedy scenes could compensate for a well-crafted film than he is grossly mistaken. The filmmaker’s confusion about the film’s theme seems evident. So what started as a love story eventually meanders towards a lackluster family drama confusing the audience.  


The film begins by establishing Nani as an orphan who has the habit of spending nights in vacant houses since he has no house of his own. On one such occasion, he happens to meet a girl (Madhavi Lata) and he helps her. She gradually starts liking him. One day, he discovers that she has a big family in a village and they have disowned her. He resolves to re-unite her with her family and arrives in her village. What happens next is a series of absurd situations.


Nani does come up with a light-hearted performance, while Madhavi Lata tries to breathe life into a clichéd role. Barring a couple of witty lines, comedians M S Narayana and Brahmandam fail to tickle the funny bone. The less said the better about the cinematography of Vasu and compositions of Sivaram Shankar.

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