“Slim” Namitha seeking to enter into politics


Namitha, who is well in South Indian Film Industry, has made headlines by commenting that she will join politics. Namitha, who has gained a lot of weight, was criticised for her overweight. As her weight started increasing, movies chances kept decreasing. In no time she lost her fame and lost the lime light once she had.

In a recent press meet she gave a shock to the journalists who have attended the meet. What they saw was just astonishing. They couldn’t believe their eyes. Well what happened? What such thing did Namitha has done?

Namitha was seen in an old avatar. She lost all her weight and transformed into a new piece of a gorgeous lady. This Indian model turned film actress, at a press conference called by Sakshi wellness clinic, the institute that helped the actress get rid of the extra flab spoke about her feeling of loosing fat. She said that she never felt so alive in years, as the institute gave her a new hope for living and acting.

She further added that “I had gone into a depression and as a result, started eating more to feel better. This made me put on weight. I tried out many options but nothing worked. It was then that I joined this clinic and now in a matter of three months, I have lost close to 18 kilograms.”

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The former Participant 2001 Miss India pageant said that she would like to do roles such as an Action Heroine.

When asked about politics, she replied that “Tamil Nadu has given me a lot. I cannot forget the support I got from people of this state. Though I was born in Gujarat, Tamil Nadu has given me rebirth. I will no doubt step into politics and serve the people of Tamil Nadu, if given chance.”

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