‘Sleeveless-Lipstick’ Lady For Ramanaidu

A thing of beauty is joy forever was the age old saying but these days it is said that a thing of beauty never goes unnoticed. That is something perhaps the movie Moghul Ramanaidu might have missed out on if reports are to be believed.

Apparently, it is said that sometime back Ramanaidu was traveling from Chennai to Hyderabad in a flight and he was said to be accompanied by a rather strikingly beautiful lady who grabbed quite some attention as she wore a sleeveless blouse and with a rather flashy lipstick hard to miss.

While Ramanaidu is said to have assumed that this would go unnoticed, there are many who took a complete interest in this person and it is heard that even few enquiries were made as to who this mysterious middle aged beauty was. Wonder what the veteran movie maker has to say to this now.

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