SJ Suriyah returns with the sizzling Isai!

SJ Suriyah is one of those people who have has quite a mixed track record in terms of success. While his directorial ventures like Khushi and Vaali were super hits, there have also been many like Vyaapaari and Thirumagan that failed at making any sort of a mark in the Kollywood landscape.


There has been one singular project of his though that has been in the making for quite a while now and that is Isai.

Though no one knows the details of the plot, Isai is rumoured to be based on two competing music directors. However, ironically AR Rahman, who was initially all set to compose the tunes for this flick backed off after Suriyah’s Vyaapari and others were declared flops.

The main cast too had a lot of changes since the project’s conception. Suriyah would play the lead obviously but the supporting roles were the ones in trouble.

Prakash Raj was to play one main character but had to decline the role later due to his busy schedule, and now it seems that role has been filled by Sathyaraj.

The heroine is Savithri, formerly known by her real name Sulagna Panigrahi. This Oriya based glamorous diva originally got recognition for her role in the Bollywood film Murder 2.

And as we all know, an SJ Suriyah film means some guaranteed hot and heavy numbers and/or scenes, so it makes sense that the veteran director chose the sensational Savithri for the lead female part.

SJ Suriyah has also composed the tunes for Isai and has even sung a song, according to sources.

Soundararajan was the man behind the lens and Anthony has handled the editing. Isai has been produced by ASA Multimedias.

The official trailer of the film is to come out on August 29th, so the audiences wait to see if this is the movie that’s going to turn it around for Suriyah after a string of disappointments.

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