Size Zero Postponed for Rudhramadevi

Anushka Shetty starring in the main lead role movies Size Zero and Rudhramadevi are ready for its release. Now the latest news is that Size Zero movie release postponed due to Rudhramadevi, which is hitting the screens worldwide on October 9th. However, there is no official confirmation from director Prakash Kovelamudi, who directed Size Zero.

Size Zero Release Postponed for Rudhramadevi
Size Zero Release Postponed for Rudhramadevi

Anushka’s Rudhramadevi release postponed several times and this time director Guna Sekhar is very confident to release the movie on October 9th. Size Zero movie director Prakash Kovelamudi also stated that the film will hit the theater screens on October 9th. However, both the movies release on the same day it will be problems for both the movies as per the collections and theaters also another problem. So, Kovelamudi Prakash is planning to postpone his Size Zero movie for next month.

In both the movies, Anusha Shetty played the main lead roles. Size Zero is also releasing in both Telugu and Tamil languages. Rudhramadevi is also releasing in Telugu, Tamil and Hindi languages.

Guna Sekhar, who is the producer and director of Rudhramadevi movie, is hoping high on the success of the film.

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