Siya to undergo plastic surgery?

Siya, the luscious actor who wowed male audiences, in Neninthe, is one worried lady. Though her debut was excellent in Puri Jagannath’s Neninthe starring opposite Ravi Teja, talk that her chances are marred (by a very trivial issue) has worried her. Insider gossip says that many are talking about Siya’s nose!

In an industry that gives more importance to a heroine’s looks rather than her talent, an unimportant feature like the size of Siya’s nose has drawn more attention than her good acting in her very first Telugu film. Since an actress has to be very cautious in the initial stages of her career, Siya is concerned about this criticism and has decided to undergo plastic surgery to reshape her nose.

Siya will be following the footsteps of actresses like Sridevi and Priyanka Chopra if she undergoes this procedure to enhance her facial appeal.[Galatta]

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