Sitara Wants To Play With Samantha’s Daughter

Beautiful Actress Samantha, who is currently busy with the shooting of Mahesh Babu’s ‘Brahmotsavam’, Trivikram Srinivas’s ‘A..Aa’ and two more Tamil films, seems to have taken a day out of her busy schedule to arrange a date with someone special.

Samantha with Sitara
Samantha with Sitara

Well, the special person is none other than Sitara, the daughter of Mahesh Babu. Samantha posted on her Twitter page that she has accepted to be Sitara’s play date on this Saturday, but Sitara put an unusual condition. She asked Samantha to bring her daughter along to play.

“Sitara❤️we have a play date but she wants me to bring my baby along .Now how to arrange for that by Saturday ,” tweeted Samantha.

Well, the sexy lady is now confused as how to get a daughter in few days?

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