‘Sita’ Ash may choose Raavana

Director Mani Ratnam started shooting Raavana in 2007 and today, he is still not sure how to end his film. Still undecided over what makes an apt climax for the film, he is flitting between four options. He has shot four potential climaxes in Malshej, but no one on the set knows which one he is likely to go with.

A source from the unit said, “The first ending has Raavana winning over Sita (Aishwarya Rai). Another option is that she goes the conventional way and returns to Ram.” The third and fourth options make life easier for Mani: either Ram dies or Raavana meets his end. So, that closes one door for Sita and she is less burdened by the choice.

Perhaps Mani doesn’t want to court controversy and hence, he is, literally speaking, keeping his options open. Having fallen prey to controversy in the past with films like Bombay, where religion was a touchy issue, maybe he hopes that with time, he will be able to arrive at a well thought out conclusion.

Will the Hindi and the Tamil version have the same climax? Who knows? Maybe Abhishek Bachchan, who plays Raavana in the Hindi version, will live happily ever after with Aishwarya Rai, like in real life.

The spokesperson of the film said, “ The climax has already been shot. In fact, Abhishek has finished dubbing too.”

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