Sister’s wedding is still on – Iniya

It was just in a matter of days that actress Iniya’s family went through an emotional hell of sorts and it seems the waters are nowhere near being calm yet. First, a major theft at their house in Thiruvananthapuram rocked their lives as almost Rs 6 lacs in cash and valuable gold ornaments were taken.


But matters went from bad to really worse when the police discovered who was behind it – Iniya’s sister Swathy’s fiancé – Shabin. The theory from the police after they arrested him was that in urgent need of money, he hatched the plan to rob the family with a friend of his named Rajan (a petty criminal with a long rap sheet).

Unable to do it on the night of the engagement as planned, he arranged it so that he along with the family would be out for a movie while Rajan and two others carried out the theft. Shabin had supplied them with duplicate keys to the almarah he had acquired over time as he had been a frequent visitor at the house and was trusted by the family.

As of now, Shabin and another culprit have been arrested while Rajan and one another have absconded. The cops have managed to reclaim almost Rs 2.5 lacs of the missing money.

But now, Iniya’s version is rather different.

She says that Shabin comes from a wealthier family than theirs, as far as they knew, and he himself was doing well as a small businessman. She says her sister and he had met through mutual friends, and later he had asked her parents for Swathy’s hand in marriage.

The parents of the couple had met and things had proceeded from there. Iniya also adds she liked and respected Shabin as he was her older sister’s fiancé, but also because he was a good and rather soft spoken fellow.

“We do not know what prompted him to do this. We haven’t spoken to him yet. Something feels wrong. It feels like the real culprits are missing.” Iniya said to the media. “Maybe he fell into some bad company that influenced his actions.”

She also emphasized that she was giving her sister a few days to relax and process things before making a decision. It must, quite understandably, be devastating for her without all the answers.

As far as they were concerned, the wedding has still not been called off until the matter is completely resolved.

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